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Welcome to our special care nursery. This page is dedicated to our puppies who need a little extra care. This could be anything from premature or tiny puppies who need an incubator and or oxygen, to those who have aspirated on milk while feeding from their mother. The use of the incubator allows puppies to remain in a warm and stable environment when being tube or bottle fed. This purchase was made after consultation with my highly valued Reproduction Specialist team so we are able to offer further dedicated treatment at home while under their guidence. As a mum of two premature babies who were born 12 and 8 weeks early, I understand the benefits of such specialized equipment in the management of sick and tiny babies. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful set up at home. I am willing to help other breeders under the guidence of their own vets if I can, I am just a phone call away.





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This little puppy made great progress while receiving the extra care needed in the safety and warmth of an incubator. She didn't need oxygen therapy but it was reassuring to have it on hand if needed.
This puppy had it's rear legs taped together to stop it from rolling on it's belly which can cause them to go flat chested. This usually corrects itself once they are up on their feet, some just need a little extra help getting there. The toy lamb in the photo offers extra comfort with the sounds of a heart beat so the puppy won't feel all alone.
Using an infant incubator has great advantages, not only does it provide the puppy with a safe and stable environment, they are very user friendly. This incubator is height adjustable making it easier and more comfortable while handling, feeding and monitoring a puppy more closely.


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Lisa McGlashan
Narre Warren, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0414 727 488
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