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Hi, welcome to my family. My name is Lisa and my husband is Andrew. We combined our names to form our Prefix - ANDISA. We have 3 children, Lauren,  Ebani-Jayde and James. We all share the love for animals.

For the past 18 years I have been grooming dogs. I started out as a mobile groomer but due to family and personal health reasons I decided to work form home. This has been so much better for everyone. I didn't realise just how much family time I was missing out on when I was on the road almost everyday.

I see my Job as pet therapy. Some days I wonder why I am doing it while most I could not imagine doing anything else. I love my job and have some of the most wonderful clients. I have seen all types of breeds, mostly crosses, most are fantastic and others - not much fun at all.

Andrew is an I.T. Consultant and broadband consultant, he advises on Internet products (including VoIP) much like an insurance broker advises on insurance to make sure that clients get the right product to suit their requirements. If you are looking for anything computer related (hardware and services), he is your man.  He has been involved with computers from a young age first learning the basics as a child at a Tandy electronics shop using their TRS-80 computer and has moved on from there.  I know very little about computers, just enough to get by.

After many years of grooming I soon noticed a large amount of poorly bred dogs. Most faults are purely the result of bad breeding and lack of respect for the breed(s), as a new breeder this has been a huge influence to me, quality over quantity.. Seeing the heart ache some owners have dealt with over the years has been a personal and emotional ride that I have gone on with them. From a breeders point of view many of these problems could have been avoided with careful, seletive breeding.  Andisa Pugs do not breed often but we are aiming for quality, healthy and well adjusted puppies that will make perfect companions for their new families. We are registered breeders with Dogs Victoria, I have set my standards high and will not compromise on my dogs health or my reputation.

I started out with Rottweilers and our foundation Rottweiler bitch was Clyzan Wicked Charm - "Piper". We only had 2 litters with Piper and she was retired and became a couch potato until she passed away at 9 yrs old. We have 2 of her kids who are now 6 years old. I planned to breed on with them but later decided that I wanted to go further with the Pugs so the plans for breeding on with Pink and Hamish came to an end. Pink has been spayed while Hamish has been left entire and I doubt he will ever be used for breeding. Shame really as they both have world class pedigrees and are beautiful dogs with wonderful temperaments.

It took quite a while before I found my first Pug bitch, it seemed once I told breeders that I had a Rottweiler (only 1 at that time) they were pretty quick to knock me back. After a while we got Lizzy, she was a lovely compact little bitch with more attitude that you could imagine for such a small girl, we loved her dearly with her very cheeky personality. Lizzy gave us 6 beautiful babies but I didn't go on with them. She was later rehomed to a wonderful family who have since become great friends and an important part of Andisa Pugs, unfortunately Lizzy died at only 6 1/2 and she has been laid to rest in my yard...even though we never went on with Lizzy's progeny, she has been a great influence in my breeding plans.

Lerilla Ambition High "Charli" is our starting over foundation bitch, we sure know Charli is around. Never thought we could have another Pug with such a huge personality but here she is... Charli was lightly shown when she was younger and she made us proud. She has been a wonderful mother and now grandmother. Willow is a daughter of Lerilla Ambition High and Rosnasharn Goldfinger, Willow was only lightly shown with success as a youngster and now lives with the wonderful family mentioned above who had Lizzy. I am very thankful to my friends who have been an extension to Andisa Pugs. This arrangement has given Willow a wonderful family of her own and she comes back home for her maternal duties.

It has been a long time coming but we are now on to the 2nd generation of Andisa Pugs with our Andisa Wind In The Willows X Sup Ch Scarborough Safari litter, this is a very special litter to us and an important step for our future of Andisa Pugs.

Willow has give us 2 beautiful litters, Andisa African Safari "Olly", Andisa African Queen "Molly". Willow was bred to Sup Ch Aimhi Devils Son "Choppa" for her 2nd litter giving us our beautiful little girl Andisa Dare Devil "Shelby". I was so pleased with the litter we got from Willow and Choppa that I made the decision to put him over Molly too, this mating was more successful than I could have imagined giving us Andisa Little Devil "Harry". We have been very blessed to have such good success with Harry in the ring. Harry was only shown a few times in 2017 due to personal reasons. He hit the ring early 2018 and has acheived far more than I could have imagined this year with just limited showing. Harry was Best In Show at the Pug Club of Vic OPEN show, he backed it up with a Best In Show at the Pug Club of Vic Championship show months later. Then 4 weeks after that he was Best In Show at Bairnsdale and District Kennel Club. I can't show much any more due to injuries and I can't thank Leanne and Paige Trotter enough for all the work they do with our Andisa Pugs, Paige has shown and titled Shelby and took out best OPEN in SHOW at Bairnsdale District KC at the last show for 2018 for Shelby while she went on to maternity duties. Shelby was bred to Ch Sweetess Ice Trucker, we have kept 2 girls from this litter, Andisa Baileys On Ice "Bailey" and Andisa Ice Queen "Faith", looking forward to what these girls can do in 2019.

Puppies sometimes available to the right homes and are for pets only, puppies are desexed and are on limited registration. Please do not ask for puppies for breeding purposes only because my reply may offend. Unfortunately I already have one puppy in a backyard breeders home and I will never make that mistake again. I thank you for your understanding on this matter so please do not ask for a puppy for breeding.


Just putting it out there, for some reason clipping Pugs has become popular. PLEASE DO NOT fall for this. Pugs shed hair big time. Clipping does not reduce it, just makes it harder to see. Clipping off a double coated breed is a big no no..Clipping them off removes their natural insulation. It can destroy the coat, it can change the texture of the coat making it thicker or grown back patchy. The dog can be prone to ingrown hairs and have less protection against bug bites. Shaving your Pug makes them more prone to heat stress and sunburn. DO NOT do it.. If your groomer insists on clipping your Pug, find another groomer or go to a DIY dog wash and groom your dog yourself. For best results, use a rubber zoom groom brush and gently scrub the Pug while in the bath. Rinse well, dry using a high powered drier and brush out with a slicker brush and fine tooth comb. Cut the nails monthly and for best results use a Dremel take care when using a dremel, short bursts until the nail is at the desired legth - short.



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Lisa McGlashan
Narre Warren, VIC, Australia
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